Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Allow myself to introduce... myself.

I'm not a doctor. I'm not a nutritionist. I'm not even a certified personal trainer. I'm just an ordinary guy taking a journey toward personal fitness. I'm not a meat-head, and I certainly don't have a 6-pack...yet!  What I do have is an insatiable appetite to succeed with my body transformation. I am motivated, and I’m excited to turn my body into something I can be proud of... So whether you are a gym fanatic like me, or just considering jumping on the "fitness wagon", join me to inspire, or be inspired with the Dx3 Fitness blog.

Over the coming months I'll discuss everything from motivation and accountability, to calorie burning and Cortisol. I'll shamelessly plug my photography business (, and provide my no-nonsense attitude to achieving your fitness goals. My goal is to provide motivation, education, and hopefully inspiration to everyone reading this blog. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, a competing body-builder or a couch commando. Either way, you can inspire, or be inspired through this blog.

If you have questions, there's a possibility I'll have an answer. And I bet if I don't, Google will ;) I'll even do the research for you and provide all the information I find right here.

What is HIIT? How long would I have to run to burn off a can of soda? What if I don’t have time to go to the gym? When should I be taking protein? What’s an HRM? Do I need one? These are all questions I have been asked in the past week, and some of the many answers I hope to provide to you through this blog.

If anyone is still reading this, subscribe to this Dx3 Fitness blog and let’s take this journey together…

Good luck with your fitness endeavors,
Jonny McCann
Dx3 Fitness


  1. Ahhh, as I read this, I am inspired!! In fact, I love a lot of things you pointed out, such as the HIIT. I am a personal fan of the High Intensity Interval Training technique. You often capture your short muscle twitch fibers that way. I can personally testify to Mr. McCann's I am there as well. Congratulations! I will be watching!

  2. My CPWO, as of right now, is $4.08! I'm working out about 3 days a week...I'm going to get my CPWO down to $2.45 (5 days/week). Jonny, you better keep me to my word!